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BezeichnungG4K Workshop - RAW-Workflow: Camera, Editing & Grading
Weitere Infoshttp://www.xing.com/app/events?op=detail;id=283792
Kosten375 €
Richtung Fort- und Weiterbildung
TätigkeitsfelderThis is a workshop about shooting (REDONE, ARRI D21, etc.), editing and grading with RAW-Files. We will a have a theoretic part to explain the basics and the turn the facts into expierience with a little film project, we will shoot and finish within the workshop. We also will show you which occupational area like DIT (Digital Image Technician), etc. that are possible with this new techniques. The Workshop costs 375 Euros for each person (not including Accommodation. If you need help, plaese let us know.) Best, Christoph Head of G4K Workshop Schedule: 20th of february 2009 The first day we will talk with experts about the different systems, expose the vantages and disadvantage and explain the details of the workflow and the RAW-Formats, that the artist have to take in consideration. Dinnertable for the G4K-workshop participants. 21st of february 2009 We will paticipate in the shooting of a pilot for a short series. We will use cameras like REDONE or ARRI D21. Editing on a FinalCutPro / AVID System 22nd of february 2009 If we did not finished yet, we continuing the editing on a FinalCutPro / AVID System Grading of the film with the SPEEDGRADE System. Final drink or coffee for those who have to drive home!
Voraussetzungenno requirements, except interest in DIGITAL FILMMAKING
AnbieterGENERATION 4K weitere Angebote >>
Schlüterstrasse 53
D 10629 Berlin
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