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 A project from AIM (D), WUP (PL), Magica (I),  Mira Media (NL),  District Goverment Cologne (D)
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About Mira Media

Mira Media's main goal is to achieve more diversity and 'ethnic' pluralism by supporting the participation of immigrants in radio, television and the interactive media. Mira Media ha s no broadcasting time but closely co-operates with Dutch national and local (public and commercial) broadcasters. Mira Media is an independent co-operative body founded in 1986 by the major national migrant organisations in the Netherlands.
The media play a special role in enlightening the public by drawing attention to the growing diversity of cultures in society and audiences. A multicultural broadcasting policy, both in programming and in employment, can have a profound effect on the perceptions and attitudes of the public. The new audiences should be able to recognize themselves in mainstream broadcasting. Integration of cultural diversity in broadcasting demands changes in radio and television programmes and personnel policies. Staff need to be re-trained, diversity management has to be introduced, media training centres need to review their curricula and most importantly, more young people from immigrant and/or 'ethnic minority' origin will have to be encouraged to opt for a career in the media.
To realise the above, Mira Media was founded in 1986. It was and still is unique, in the sense that it is the only Dutch organisation focussing on media and minorities.

 Mira Media
 Email: info@miramedia.nl
 Website: www.miramedia.nl
 Ed Klute (CEO)
 Mariaplaats 3-1
 3511 LH Utrecht
 The Netherlands
 Postbus 1234
 3500 BE Utrecht
 The Netherlands
 Phone: +31-(0)30-2302240
 FAX: +31-(0)30-2302975

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  Mission Statement
'Tuning in to Diversity'. Mira Media stands for a recognisable media output in the audiovisual and interactive media in the Netherlands, in which the diversity of the Dutch multicultural society is evident. Mira Media strives for equal participation of ethnic minorities in the audiovisual media, both in front of and behind the camera and at all position levels. Mira Media also devotes itself to a colourful programming that consists of multicultural output and ethnic programming for the general public from both the native community and those of immigrant descent. Programming is also targeted at specific groups. Mira Media further works on increasing the inter-cultural media competence of listeners and viewers in learning to take a critical approach to the output of the audiovisual and interactive media, and also acquire the technical and intrinsic knowledge actually needed to be able to work with the media. An important point of departure in Mira Media's work is the empowerment of the general public and media professionals of ethnic descent.
Since its foundation, Mira Media has been successful in establishing an influential lobby of the Dutch parliament and the broadcasting organisations and is presently running several projects designed to realise the above-mentioned mission statement. An increasing number of these projects is trans-national and executed in co-operation with partners in other EU states. Mira Media is largely financed by the Dutch government and EU-funds and has additional income from the development of innovative projects.

Mira Media and Europe
Multicultural societies are a growing phenomenon. In countries like France, Germany and Italy, for example, issues concerning media and minorities are being considered. This development challenges Mira Media to approach its activities from an international perspective. This is partly out of solidarity, partly because this approach can lead to interesting added value. Examples of this are the exchange of expertise, products and good practice with sister organisations abroad.
Since 1992 - particularly since 1996 - Mira Media has played an important role in establishing several trans-national projects concerning media and minorities. Supported by EU funds, Mira Media initiated, developed, co-ordinated and implemented a range of diverse projects of which On Line/More Colour in the Media is one. This European umbrella organisation spawned numerous trans-national projects in diverse areas such as: employment, career orientation, research and media-education. Possibilities have been created for the exchange of multicultural programmes and projects of good practice. Networks of community media centres and local (multicultural) radio stations have been established.
The projects and activities the On Line/More Colour in the Media-network initiated are presented on the world wide web in a virtual skyscraper; The Multicultural Skyscraper.


Peter H.T. de Groot

MSc. in Sociology at the Political and Social Cultural Faculty of the University of Amsterdam with a special attention for Foundations and Methods of Sociological Research and the Sociology of Education. Film/Audio-Visual Communication also at the University of
Professional experience
For the last eight years Peter de Groot has worked as an independent Senior Consultant
and Project Developer for a variety of organizations. For instance the Foundation ABC
(Audiovisueel Branche Centrum), the National Employment Agency for Arts & Media and
MiraMedia. Before this period he worked among others as an Associate Director of the
Centre for Arts & Media Management of the Utrecht School of Arts. He also worked as an
author, trainer and developer in post-graduate turn-around programmes in media (facilities) management. This work was done for major broadcasters and facilities houses.
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