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Projektarchiv: MediaCoach

Projektzeitraum: 2001-2002

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 A project from AIM (D),  WUP (PL),  Magica (I), Mira Media (NL), District Goverment Cologne (D)
p-flag Wojewódzki Urzad Pracy / Poland
  Provincional Labour Department of Toruñ

The Provincial Labour Department (WUP) is an executor of a politics from resolution made by the Regional Council of Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province. The basic objective of WUP are as follows:

1) making analysis and evaluating the employment and prevention of unemployment issues in province
2) co-operating with educational and vocational bodies, planning and undertaking vocational training and educational activities for unemployed while taking into consideration the demond of the labour market of the province
3) organising and co-ordinating vocational guidance and information in the territory of the province, as well as supporting labour club activities
4) Organising, inspiring and co-financing some local programmes which aim is creating new posts and liquidating negative results of unemployment, realization of pre-accession programmes from scope of development of human resources and labour market including for example: PHARE 2001 ,,Social and Economic Cohesion” and Leonardo da Vinci Programme, European Education Programme Leonardo da Vinci within two projects are realization “A development of innovating conception of consulting in media and communication sector-“Media Coach” and Development of vocational advising by VOUGE-video-conference method.

The Voivodship Labour Office in Toruñ is participating in the Media Coach Project within the framework European Educational of Leonardo da Vinci Programme. This project allows us to develop and improve our by now applied methods of vocational advisers in their work with clients – especially connected with the media sector. Besides the experiences and the results of this project allows us better adapt the whole system of the vocational guidance in region to the changing “needs of labour market”.

The development and the changes occurring in the media sector are perfect starting point to work out the new view of vocational guidance mission in the whole policy of labour market.

WUP is also associated with the Nicholas Copernicus University of Toruñ - Office for Professional Promotion of Students and Graduates of UMK (Career Office)
 Wojewódzki Urzad Pracy
 Provincional Labour
 Department of Toruñ
 Email: towu@praca.gov.pl
 Website: www.apraca.pl/towu
 Adam Horbulewicz –Director
 Degional Labour Office in Torun
 ul. Szosa Chelmiñska 30/32
 87-100 Toruñ
 Phone: +48 056 62 210 59
 FAX: +48 056 622 7485

 Results: Poland

  Team Poland

Artur Janas

is the Vice-Director for Labour Market Matters at the Provincial Labour Department (WUP) of Torun (sociologist). He was engaged in the creating and development of the system of the public services of employment in Poland in the beginning of the 90s. He has participated in several meaningful international programmes, such as for example:
Rural Area Activity Stimulating Programme conducted in Kujawsko-Pomeranian province with the support of a loan from the World Bank, started in April, 2000,
PHARE 2001 Operational Programme - Social and Economic Cohesion. Kujawsko-Pomeranian
programme of advancing personnel quali? cations.
Leonardo da Vinci Programme: The development of European information and vocational
guidance based on a video-conference method alternative to the traditional forms of
informing and guiding (VOGUE).
He is involved in works the Sector Operational Programme – Human Resources Development

Ewa Banaszak
Careers Adviser at Nicholas Copernicus University since 1994. She also leads workshops for students and co-ordinates training programmes.
Ewa has participated in international projects within LEONARDO DA VINCI PROGRAME
connected with organisation and development of the career services in Poland. She is a member of the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS).
As she graduated from the Polish Faculty of Nicholas Copernicus University in Torun,
literature and teaching are still her passion.

Janusz Bokser,
the head of the first in Poland Centre of Information and Planning of Vocational Career inTorun
which is a specialised entity of the Provincial Labour Department where the vocational
advisors collect and make available information on professions, labour market and options of
achieving professional quali? cations, as well as help the customers to take some vocational
decisions. He is co-funder of the Polish Association of Educational and Vocational Guides.
Janusz holds a MA in Education; he has got a rich experience in international programmes.

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