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Qualifizierung für die Gamesbranche

Projektarchiv: MediaCoach

Projektzeitraum: 2001-2002

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 A project from AIM (D), WUP (PL),  Magica (I),  Mira Media (NL), District Goverment Cologne (D)
i-flag Magica / Italy
  Master Europeo in Gestione di Impresa Cinematografica e Audiovisiva

Magica-LogoMAGICA specialises in the audio-visual industry with particular emphasis in audio-visual law and economics, as well as research and management training. It promotes new and innovative initiatives within the fields of cinema, television, and multimedia in collaboration with other institutions and enterprises, national and international, that are directly or indirectly involved in the field of audio-visual communication.

MAGICA also offers a variety of courses, activities and post-graduate masters programmes aimed at training young professionals for the increasingly competitive European and U.S. audio-visual markets. With the implementation of such programmes, MAGICA hopes to meet the needs and demands of the audio-visual industry thereby placing its organisation at the forefront of successive initiatives.

Courses offered range from management and economics to Tv and film screenwriting, several of which are supported by the European Union Media II Programme. Some are held in-class, others as seminars and, still others, online via Internet. Each course varies in scope, offering the best project management techniques by reinforcing the importance of those particular skills needed for good business planning. The creation of a varied application software online allows for the diffusion of information without the use of traditional methods.
 Master europeo in Gestione di
 Impresa Cinematografica e
 Email: r.santoro@mediamaster.org
 Website: www.mediamaster.org
 Renata Santoro
 Via Lucullo7
 00187 Rome
 Phone: +39 06 4200651
 FAX: +39 06 42010898

 Results: Italy
MAGICA follows the Socratic teaching method which has already been implemented by American universities with proven success. The concept is based on the continuous interaction between teacher and student by use of case studies and question and answer sessions, whereby the student is the primary force behind the learning process.

All courses, the majority of which are taught in English, are designed for the international market. Our experts, consultants, professors and students come from a number of European countries, as well as the United States. Course material is collected and composed by a team of European and American researchers in communication and academia, as well as by production technique experts. Their prestige and experience is an indication of the quality and philosophy behind all MAGICA initiatives earning the organisation recognition world-wide.

Apart from its training courses and Masters programmes, MAGICA is also extremely active in promoting activities at an international level. It has become an important centre and meeting place for other audio-visual professionals to share and exchange new ideas and concepts via debates and forums on issues related to cultural diversity, creativity, management and the realisation of projects pertaining to audio-visual communication.

MAGICA has also created an international network of technical and creative producers and managers, in addition to audio-visual and multimedia professionals, in the hopes of continuing its research initiatives and project developments. By focusing on actual market developments and technological advancements, it can better assist clients by producing more efficient and reliable products.

  Team Italy

Francesca Giordano
Graduated in Foreign Literatures and Languages at the University “RomaTre” of Rome (English and Russian), she joined MAGICA in 2001 as a collaborator in the organisation and co-ordination of national and international training activities, intended both for young graduates and professionals of the media industry. Among the courses she has been involved in, the European Master of Audiovisual Management (EMAM), funded by the MEDIA Training Programme of the European Commission, Dominio TV and CrossMedia series of specialistic seminars supported by RAI Dept. Human Resources. Since 2002 she has been co-ordinator and responsible for the MediaCoach Project as MAGICA’s representative.

Renata Santoro (MAGICA)
Since 2001 Renata Santoro has been working as project manager for open and distance
learning at MAGICA (Master Europeo in Gestione di Impresa Cinematogra? ca e Audiovisiva),
a training centre which specialises in the audio-visual and new media industry, with
particular emphasis in law and economics aspects.
At MAGICA she has been in charge also for writing and submitting projects to companies and national or European institutions, in the framework of programmes such as Leonardo da Vinci, MEDIA, Adapt, Equal, etc.
She has been the coordinator of several research projects focused on new training needs in the audiovisual ? eld and new professional pro? les in the media sector, as well as on upcoming trends and new challenge in the audiovisual market, arising from technological and organisational transformations.

Laura Arrighi (MAGICA)
Born in Rome in 1970. Laura is a graduate in Law. Before entering the media sector, she worked as a Junior LegalAdvisor at SPI – Promozione e Sviluppo Imprenditoriale (IRI Group) from 1996 to 1997. She joined MAGICA in1997; since then, she has been working as a training project manager and co-ordinator of trans-national activities within the framework of different EU programs such as EUMEDIS, EQUAL, IST, Leonardo phase 2, MEDIA- Training 2001-2005).

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